has looked back over the year to find the best quotes from all the tournaments and all the stars – the obvious, the ‘wish I’d never said that’ and the simply outrageous. Enjoy….

Bianca Andreescu. Photo: Anne Parker International Sports Fotos Ltd/Alamy Live News

“I’ve been dreaming of this moment for the longest time.” — 19-year-old Bianca Andreescu, who became the first Canadian  to win a Grand Slam singles title.

“When you are called Serena, you are supposed to win all the time.” — Serena Williams’ coach, Patrick Mouratoglou.

She just proved that she’s a true athlete. For me, the definition of an athlete is someone who on the court treats you like your worst enemy, but off the court can be your best friend.” — Coco Gauff on Naomi Osaka.

Coco Gauff. Photo: Roger Parker International Sports Fotos Ltd

“It’s a wonderful job, and it’s all-consuming. If you don’t love it, it’s really hard to do well at it. And the fact that I have done well has shown that I have loved it and I’ll always love it. Even when it’s all over, I’ll still be a tennis player.” — Venus Williams.

“Like a lion in the middle of the jungle. He’s a fighter.” — Diego Schwartzman on Rafael Nadal.



“I always try to remain young in my mindset.” — Roger Federer.

“He’s just a machine, a beast on the court. The energy he’s showing is just amazing.” — Daniil Medvedev on Rafael Nadal.

“I don’t have the crystal ball. Do you?” — Roger Federer when asked if he has another Grand Slam title in him.

“She was crying, she won. I was crying. Everybody was crying.” — Coco Gauff on her loss to Nasomi Osaka.

“I got a set off Serena Williams!” — Caty McNally, who pushed the American to three sets.

“Quite rough and unpredictable.” — Novak Djokovic on the shoulder pain that forced him to retire from his  matchup with Stan Wawrinka.

Rafa Nadal. Photo: Roger Parker International Sports Fotos Ltd/Alamy Live News

“I would love a new body, but it’s not possible at the moment. Maybe in 100 years you will be able to change everything, but not now.” — Rafael Nadal.

“That’s one of my highest goals in this stage of my career.” — Novak Djokovic on the 2020 Olympics.

“I’m a big fan of hers. I have said that since day one.” — Serena Williams on Coco Gauff.

“I needed a vacation after the vacation.” — Roger Federer, who went on a caravan with his family after Wimbledon.

“People call me B, Bibi. Some people call me Flying B, Queen B, Roller Coaster B.” — Bianca Andreescu on nicknames.

Andy Murray  & Serena Williams Britain.  Photo: Andy Cheung/ArcK Images/ Tennis Magazine/International Sports Fotos

“I think Serena’s the boss, so whatever she says goes.” – Andy Murray on the partnership with Serena Williams at Wimbledon.

“Sometimes you win. Sometimes you learn. I guess yesterday I learnt a lot . Thanks Roger for this experience.” – Matteo Berrettini after being schooled by Roger Federer.

“I had planned to be in Ibiza right now. We had everything organised already. My friends, six of them, are all there. Well, it feels better to be here in London.” – Roberto Bautista Agut after his Wimbledon quarter-final win.


“I didn’t hit him. Hit his racquet, no? Why would I apologise? I won the point. I don’t care. Why would I apologise? I mean, the dude has got how many slams, how much money in the bank account? I think he can take a ball to the chest, bro. I’m not going to apologise to him at all.” – Nick Kyrgios after his second round loss to Rafa Nadal.

“I forgot to smile. I was told to smile and I didn’t. I was panicking.” –  Naomi Osaka had regrets from her Melbourne trophy presentation speech.

Naomi Osaka.  Photo: Anne Parker International Sports Fotos Ltd/Alamy Live News


“I felt like I’ve been hit by the train in the first set, everything was too fast.” – Simona Halep joked what it is like to face the force from the racquet of Serena Williams.

“I’ve been struggling for a long time. I have been in a lot of pain probably about 20 months now. I pretty much have done everything that I could to try to get my hip feeling better. The pain is too much really. I don’t want to continue playing that way. I think I can get through this till Wimbledon. That is where I’d like to stop playing.” – Andy Murray.

“I am a ghost. You don’t see me … I don’t think they care.” – Naomi Osaka on not being recognised in Melbourne.


“I’m trying to contemplate on the journey in the past 12 months. I had surgery exactly 12 months ago. To be standing now here managing to win this title and three of the four Slams is truly amazing. I’m speechless.” – Novak Djokovic reflecting on his journey while clutching the AO winners’ trophy.


“I complain a lot in Japanese (smiling). But I mutter it, so you guys probably don’t hear it. But, yeah, usually when I’m complaining on the court, it’s in Japanese because I don’t want people to understand the English.” – Naomi Osaka

“Come here. Warm up. Play. Eat. Recover. Go home. Eat, sleep, play. That’s basically it. It’s really glamorous (smiling).” – Johanna Konta, on her routine in Paris.

Johanna Konta.  Photo: Anne Parker International Sports Fotos


“Today wasn’t my day. I didn’t win a tennis match. It’s not the end of the world. It’s a game. I love playing the game. I do everything in my power to try and win every single tennis match. But that’s not the case.” – Ash Barty at Wimbledon.

“I think the seaweed is always greener in someone else’s lake.” – Barty again, talking of her Wimbledon defeat, but strangely using a lyric from The Little Mermaid movie.

Nick Kyrgios. Photo: Roger Parker International Sports Fotos Ltd

“I lost concentration. I saw a really hot chick in the crowd. I’m being jarringly honest – I’d marry her right now. Right now.” – Nick Kyrgios.

“I just want to know why it took you so long to get a white towel.” One of Kyrgios’ many outbursts that saw him reprimanded and fined in 2019.

“And even Roger Federer, even though he’s one of the greatest of all time, he still loses matches. So that means he still can improve.” – Coco Gauff after bowing out at Wimbledon in July.