WTA president Mickey Lawler believes it will be extremely difficult for the women’s tour to recommence fully without a vaccine for the COVID-19 virus.

Lawler told Argentine radio on the weekend everything was being done to return to play, “but it is not easy”.

“Until there is a vaccine it will be very difficult to travel and play. If the US Open is played, there will be tournaments first. The next two weeks will determine what will be done.”

Lawler also spoke about merger speculation between the WTA and the ATP.

“In this difficult moment we must take advantage of it to work together,” she said.

“Tennis is best when men and women are together, such as in the Slam tournaments. The future of tennis must be united and a connection must be found that makes it possible.

“It’s not the first time that we have talked about it.”

“It’s not easy because there are players who don’t want it and they have a lot of say.”

The WTA is hoping to make a call to return to events within the next two weeks.

The US Open is scheduled to take place in late August and the French Open is scheduled to take place in late September.