With Wimbledon cancelled due to the COVID 19 pandemic, the AELTC  have launched their own “Wimbledon Recreated” to engage with the fans. You will recognise many of the celebrity performers in their video

“Ordinarily at this time of year, we would be in the throes of our Wimbledon countdown, the clock ticking towards the Fortnight, the courts perfected, the finishing touches applied, the players practising, and more before we open the gates.
This year, none of this will happen. There will be no Championships. But we can still have a Wimbledon experience.

“Wimbledon Recreated” by AELTC

Today, we announce the launch of  Wimbledon Recreated, a campaign to celebrate the 2020 Fortnight in the absence of The Championships, to go some small way to filling the gap. It is an invitation, an opportunity for us to come together even though we are apart, to demonstrate that Wimbledon is for everyone, in any way you choose to celebrate it.
And so this is our challenge to you: Recreate Wimbledon in your own way, whichever tradition, moment or memory means the most to you, and play your part in filling this year’s Championships Fortnight by using #wimbleoncreated across all social media platforms. Take a look at the video below for some inspiration, you may just spot a champion or two”

The voiceover is by the BBC Athletics commentator Andrew Cotter whose brilliant “commentaries” posted of his pet Labradors Ollie and Mabel during lockdown have amassed over three million views.

Andrew Cotter’s tense commentary on his pet labradors Olve and Mabel “Going for Olympic Gold
“Boss” Andrew Cotter engages in a lockdown furlough meeting with Olive and Mabel