According to reports coming out of the AELTC  following discussions with the UK Government  rumours that Russian players would be banned from playing at Wimbledon 2022  are about to given the green light.

Wimbledon would be the latest international sports authority to prevent Russians from competing as Vladimir Putin’s military continues it’s  invasion of Ukraine,.

In February the IOC  recommended barring Russian and Belarussian athletes from all international competition.

FIFA banned the Russian soccer team from qualifying for the men’s World Cup  due to take place in Qatar later this year.

Russian and Belarusian runners  were also barred from the Boston Marathon earlier this week.

With Daniil Medvedev being a strong contender for the Wimbledon title were he allowed to compete, UK Sports Minister Nigel Huddleston fears that the sight of  Medvedev, or any other Russian player, lifting the trophy would be  would be  a PR victory for Vladimir Putin