According to latest reports in America the US Open will go ahead as planned in it’s scheduled place on the tennis calendar, on 31 August.

Despite Novak Djokovic’s avowed intention to avoid the event due the USTA’s planned anti COVID precautions, the influential Forbes magazine is reporting “multiple sources” that the plan to hold the US Open are “almost there”

Banning the presence of  fans and media has yet to be confirmed among organizers but the showpiece at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center looks likely to be significantly reduced even if it fails to lure back Novak Djokovic and other hesitant top players.

“They want the tournament to go ahead at any cost for economic reasons, which I understand,” Djokovic told Serbia’s Prva TV, alluding to the vast shortfall the USTA is set to face at an event that made $380 million in revenue when he last won it in 2018.

“But the question is, how many players are willing to accept those terms? The rules they told us we would have to respect to be there, to play at all, are extreme.