Nearly a year into knee injury downtime, quirky NIck Kyrgios has reversed course and declared his love for tennis 

The Aussie has played just one match this season, losing in the Stuttgart first round in June after undergoing a knee fix in January while missing his home Australian Open.

But now the former Wimbledon finalist whose interest in the sport runs hot and cold depending on the day, has erupted with enthusiasm, declaring that he has the game to win a Grand Slam title before packing it all in.

“Right now, I What I wish most in the world is to be able to say that I won a Grand Slam in singles,” he told Aussie media..

“That goal really motivates me, and even more so after seeing that I was two sets away from achieving it at Wimbledon.

“That is the most important tournament in the world, even those that don’t know anything about tennis, they know of its existence, and I am going to put all my attention and effort to try to become champion there. \

“I feel that I still have unfinished business in the world of tennis and, without a doubt, the main one is to be champion in London.” 

The controversial 28-year-old remains under no illusion as to his crowd-pulling power in a sport searching for heroes as the former Big 3 icons from the past two decades fade away.

“When things are going well, everything is brilliant in the world of tennis. A lot of money comes in, people adore you…

“My tennis has the ability to captivate many people and enjoy this sport in a special way.”

While Kyrgios has refused so far to commit to a 2024 season start, he still maintains a new-look positive attitude towards his racquet.

“I’ve gone through stages in which I was not motivated,
 he admitted. “So I hope I can live a 2024 without injuries which prevent me (from doing) my tennis.

“I know that I have what it takes to be able to win Grand Slam titles, I just need time and patience to once again display the level of tennis that I showed in 2022.

“If I didn’t feel that I still have things to do and enough motivation, I would hang up my racket.” 

Kyrgios said his knee recovery remains “day by day.”

But he added: “There is still time. I tried to return earlier than was advisable (last June) and I felt pain.

“I focused a lot on doing a good rehabilitation, I had various opinions from experts whom I had not consulted, and I have made a great improvement since I had the operation.

“My body is still somewhat unbalanced, so I have to be patient and trust the process. I need to get to a point where I have complete confidence in my body.”.