2024 could well be shaping up as the final career season for Rafael Nadal.

The Spaniard’s former longtime coach and uncle Toni Nadal voiced the unthinkable reality during a speech, saying that his nephew is concentrating on fitness for next season after last competing in January.

“I’ve been watching him these last few days and he’s training well..

“Without a doubt, he is getting better, but we need (Carlos) Alcaraz, (Novak) Djokovic and (Daniil) Medvedev to get injured,” the elder Nadal joked.

“Seriously now, he wants to play and is convinced that next season will be a good year.

“That is his dream, since it is probably the last season of his career.”

Nadal said that his 37-year-old relative would likely concentrate on the French Open: “He wants to have the chance to compete at the highest level again. He has 14 at Roland Garros, why not add the 15th”.

Nadal said that the player can be expected to attack his comeback with the same intensity he showed throughout the glory days of his career.

“When I was his coach, we never missed a day of training, there were no Sundays or Christmas holidays. 

“Rafa has always made great efforts on and off the court, he knew he was going to be very good when we started

“:But I couldn’t imagine that he would win 22 Grand Slams, not to mention the Davis Cup or the Olympic Games.”