Toni Nadal threw some raw meat to hungry fans as the former coach of the Spanish icon suggested that his nephew is recovering steadily from the abdominal concerns which have kept him off court for more than six months.

The 37-year-old has competed in just two matches this season, winning his Australian Open start but exiting the Grand Slam 48 hours later with his injury.

The elder Nadal gave a condensed version of the player’s current state of mind – and indicated that young gun Carlos Alcaraz is considered a serious threat by the Nadal camp.

“Rafa is fine, on vacation and eager to jump onto the track in 2024,” he said of┬áhis yacht-owning relative.

“Let’s hope Alcaraz gives us something (a win) then. (Rafa) is looking forward to returning.”

Main photo:- Australian Open 2023 Injured Rafa Nadal loses second round match by Roger Parker International Sports Fotos Ltd