Two more Australian Open players have tested positive for Covid-19, government officials confirmed today, taking the total number affect to 10, including four players.

Victoria state police minister Lisa Neville said two players and a non-playing Australian Open participant comprised three new infections reported.

There has been some confusion over the numbers, with authorities’ test results later being reclassified as “viral shedding” from previous infections.

Ms Neville said authorities were “very confident” one of the two new player infections was a case of viral shedding, which is not contagious.

“Of the other two, it’s less clear that they’re shedding. That will be worked through, and that’s one player and one support person,” Ms Neville added.

Tournament director Craig Tiley said the two players reported to have tested positive yesterday were also viral shedders.

More than 70 players and their entourage are confined to their hotel rooms for 14 days and unable to train for the 8-21 February Australian Open after passengers on three charter flights returned positive tests.