Novak Djokovic has again called for tennis to dump line judges in favour of technology.

The world No.1 called the measure immediately after his disqualification from the US Open last month after hitting a line judge, but admitted his reasoning is all down to advances in there the technology now used at events.

“I have received a lot of criticism because I have said that we should take into consideration excluding the line umpires,” Djokovic said.

“That is an opinion I have had for several years now, it did not have anything to do with me being disqualified at the US Open.

“We have seen that technology in New York for the first time and it went smoothly, there was no room for human error.

“I am not a person who adores technology and cannot live without it, in some regards technocratic society has gone too far in my opinion, but if we in tennis can be more efficient and precise, why not?

“For people who volunteer as line umpires we would find other roles within the organisation of tournaments.

“In this particular matter I think that we should use technology.”

The majority of the major events use line judges and allow players limited use of technology to challenge calls.