Former ATP No. 3 Dominic Thiem has gone back to basics as the 2020 US Open winner struggles to re-discover the fire in his game after a wrist injury two years ago.

The Austrian currently sits just inside the Top 100 but has opted to play this week at the lower-level home event in Mauthausen instead of the ongoing Rome Masters.

He says it’s all a part of regaining his drive after what was admittedly a concentration crash landing after winning his Grand Slam title three years ago.

” After winning the US Open, I lost some of my inner drive, having worked towards that goal for 17 years,” the 29-year-old said.

“Then, the injury occurred (June, 2021 in Spain)  and suddenly I wasn’t ranked in the Top 3 or considered one of the best players in the world – I dropped in the rankings.”

But he told local media that an attitude change is helping him fight out of his long-term dip in form. 

“After much reflection, I found a new goal and reignited my passion for tennis. I love going out on the court, practicing hard, and competing. I strive to improve every day, never giving up.

“Over the last month, I’ve had great intensity in practice, spending five hours or more per day on the court. 

“Matches in the last few tournaments have also boosted my confidence. It’s important to maintain this level of hard work and continue improving every day. 

“I want to return to the top, and although it won’t be easy, I will give it my all.”