Tennis Australia quickly made statement following the Victorian State Government’s decision to plunge the region into a five-day COVID-19 lockdown.

With locals not allowed outside unless for essential purposes, TA said everything on Friday would go as planned with Covid protocols but starting at 11:59pm Melbourne time the lockdown would commence.

“Tennis Australia continues to work with the government to ensure the health and safety of everyone.

“The Victorian government has announced a five-day lockdown commencing at 11:59pm on Friday. Australian Open sessions today and tonight will continue as planned with COVIDSafe protocols in place.

“We are notifying ticketholders, players and staff that there will be no fans onsite at the AO for five days, commencing from Saturday 13 February.

“Full refunds will be available for anyone who has tickets for these sessions and they will be advised on how to apply as soon as possible.

“The AO broadcast-only contingency plan will commence from Saturday 13 February until restrictions are lifted. Play will continue uninterrupted on the broadcast, albeit without spectators onsite.

“We will provide further updates on the new conditions as soon as possible.”

Professional athletes are exempt from the lockdown and will be able to continue to play but it will be without fans.