Holger Rune will travel without his mother Aneke for at least part of the ATP season in a startling departure for the Dane.

Rune, the 20-year-old world No. 7 was knocked out in the Rotterdam second round this week by Alexander Shevchenko; he has been accompanied and coached by his ever-present parent during all of his professional career, 

Now, he looks like cutting at least some of the apron strings.

Roland Garros HOLGER RUNE loses quarter final match watched by his mother Aneka Photo Roger Parker International Sports Fotos Ltd

He told Denmark’s TV2: “It’s a bit random, she will be in some tournaments, not in others. 

“We still talk a lot on the phone both before and after the matches. It’s an important part of my team and I love having her with me. 

“It was a joint decision that she went to UTS Oslo and Rotterdam. It feels different, but I think it is healthy that she is in some tournaments and in others No”.