Roger Fedrerer is doing quite nicely in retirement, with the Swiss confirming that he’s settling into his new lifestyle three months after packing in his fabled tennis career.

The 41-year-old who had to retire due to continuing knee problems, was feted at home as he received the honorary version of the annual Swiss Sports Award at the weekend.

During the presentation, the 20-time Grand Slam winner revealed how it’s going with his life off court.

“I’m happy to have been able to move into my post-career,” he said.

“Retirement was something I feared, but it turned out better than I thought.” 

Federer, just back from a sponsor event in Tokyo, filled in some details on his daily life these days.

“I’m trying to stay fit, spending lot of time in gym. I have no concrete plans for next year, I’m taking it step by step.”

The Swiss confessed to a “busy schedule,” adding that he will be spending the Christmas holidays in Switzerland – a marked change from his tennis days when he transferred his family to their villa in Dubai for warm-weather training prior to the start of a new season.