Nick Kyrgios has revealed a dark secret past of self-doubt and self-harm to TV journalist Piers Morgan, with the currently unranked Australian still struggling to recover from injury and return to the ATP after nearly a year away.

Kyrgios told Morgan’s Uncensored programme of his despair, adding that Brit Andy Murray was first to spot his anguish and try to steer him to help with his mental health.

The dramas took place several seasons, ago, with the 28-year-old Kyrgios eventually sorting out the worst of his worries and capping his recovery by reaching the 2022 Wimbledon final against Novak Djokovic.

“That was a pretty dark time, honestly,” Kyrgios said. .

“I won tournaments on the pro circuit by drinking every night, self-injuring myself, burning things on my arm, cutting my body for fun .

“Hurting myself became an addiction. I hated myself – I hated waking up and being Nick Kyrgios.” 

During his low point Kyrgios feuded on social media with other players and got into domestic strife with a former girlfriend which ended up with a Canberra court appearance.

Due to a run of injuries and a January knee procedure, he played only one ATP match in 2023 – losing in the Stuttgart first round on grass in June.

Kyrgios credited former No. 1 Murray with spotting his symptoms and trying to steer him to professional help.

  “Andy was always very supportive of me. As soon as I arrived at the circuit, he saw that there was a lot of talent to hone and a lot of work to do, so he immediately protected me.

“He realised that I was forging my own path (working without a coach), but he remained someone who was always there for whatever I needed.

“He saw my (self-harm) marks and asked me: ‘What is that on your arm?’

“At that time I was pretty bad. Obviously, Andy was trying to give me advice and help me, but I was so closed in on myself that at that moment I didn’t hear anything.

“To this day I am very grateful to him, I thank him very much for what he did.”

Main photo:- Nick Kyrgios reached the 2022 Wimbledon final, losing to Novak Djokovic by Roger Parker International Sports Fotos Ltd