Emma Raducanu is laying the groundwork for a re-sizing of expectations as last year’s fairytale US Open champion prepares to defend her Grand Slam title  in less than a month.

The 19-year-old Brit has been brought back down to earth in the past 11 months, railing to win three consecutive matches for a 9-12 record this season after winning the Open from a qualifying start.

But Raducanu insisted this week at the tournament in Washington that she will not bow to unrealistic expectations and will take her tennis development at its own pace.

“I feel wiser now compared to just after the US Open and the beginning of this year,” the WTA No. 10 said.

“I know that being a US Open champ I’m going to somehow pull my way back up there.

“It’s going to take a bit of time maybe, but I’m accepting of that and looking forward to whatever journey it takes.”

Raducanu said she has tempered her own expectations as the reality of Tour life sinks in.

“I probably did have certain expectations of myself that were probably a bit twisted. And now I genuinely just accept it

“It’s not going to be pretty necessarily or easy, but I’m 100 per cent OK for starting over, to be honest. 

“If my ranking plummets to like 1000 or whatever, then I don’t care.”