Emma Raducanu has again failed to shed any light on her rumoured return to tennis as the one-off Grand Slam wonder touts a comeback to the courts – someday.

The 2021 US Open ingenue who won the major from a qualifying start, was unable to gain any momentum from her world-beating accomplishment and has all but dropped off the tennis map.

Raducanu assured Britain’s Amazon Prime that a comeback to tennis next season is in the plans after surgeries this year on both wrists and an ankle.

But the 20-year-old managed to avoid leaking any detail, claiming her “headspace” has been troubling her; she now claims to be “in a better space to compete.”

“I’m hoping to get back on board for next season. I know it’s going to be difficult when you haven’t competed for a long time, like almost a year,” she said.

“It’s gonna probably take me some tournaments to get up to speed. But, once I do, I think I’m in a better headspace to compete now.”

The Brit last competed in Stuttgart in April and managed only 10 matches during 2023.

Raducanu gave little away concerning her tennis but said she had become something of a bookworm during her absence.

“For the whole period I’ve been doing a lot off the court, just reading a lot. 

“I feel like mentally I’m in a better place to compete now than I ever have been before, since the US Open.”