Racquet smashing in tennis draws a crowd – at least in the eyes of Taylor Fritz.

The American who cracked the ranking Top 10 in 2022 with three titles – including a defeat of Rafael Nadal in the Indian Wells Masters final – sees no harm in players letting off a bit of steam on court.

In fact, Fritz thinks volatile Australian Nick Kyrgios may be leading the way in pure crowd appeal.

“Young people like people with character, who have a certain madness,” Fritz said prior to starting 2023 this week at the United Cup as he plays for Team USA in Sydney.

“You have to set some limits, but I don’t see any problem with being allowed to blow off steam by breaking racquets.

“People love to see that, which is why Kyrgios’ matches are always packed with fans. We cannot punish the things (that fans) like.”

The 25-year-old puts the racquet-smash reluctance down to a generation gap.

“Young people like drama, curiosity, and tennis needs to attract young fans.

“I know that there are staunch fans and purists who will be shocked by this reflection, and I respect it, but (they are) surely over 50 years of age.

“Tennis needs to rejuvenate its audience.

“I realise that when players have some sort of annoyance at some point, it creates a greater expectation and people have a special interest.”

Main photo:- Australian Open 2020 Nick Kyrgios, already on a suspended sentence Kyrgios smashes his racket and gets a code violation from the umpire by Roger Parker International Sports Fotos Ltd