Two-time Grand Slam finalist Karolina Pliskova has issued a plea to the WTA to engineer a return to the former glory days, when on-court stars set the popularity pace in the sport.

The 31-year-old told a Czech website of her concerns as she heads towards the concluding stage of her career.

“If something is missing today it’s charismatic stars, personalities who go beyond the courts and are marketing products in themselves.

“When Serena (Williams) and (Maria) Sharapova competed, the general conditions for everyone were much better. 

“There were more sponsorships, more attention, more people in the stands, the interest was greater – this has to change.”

The former No. 1 added: “I get the feeling that any change to the status quo is going to take a long time and a lot of energy is required to improve things. 

“But I’m no longer at the beginning of my career, this is totally beyond me.

“The WTA are not promoting our sport or the rivalries that could be generated, clashes of personalities.”