After personifying the concept of strict health protocols at the last two editions, this year’s Australian Open live and let live with regards to COVID.

The tournament which was staged in a health bubble – including a week of arrival quarantine – two years ago and kept up enforcement of protocols last year will just not bother when play begins on Monday.

TD Craig Tiley elaborated the “don’t ask, don’t tell” philosophy for 2023:

 “We have made it clear to both athletes and our more than 12,000 employees.

“We recommend anyone who is unwell and has strong COVID symptoms to reduce their social contacts and stay home.”

But he warned: “We assume that there may be tennis players who compete with COVID-19 because we do not force anyone to communicate the results of the PCR (quick) tests.”

Australian government advice sounds much the same as the tennis policy, with the recommendation that those who feel unwell should take a test and, if positive, isolate for five days.