The Serbian daily newspaper Telegraf has issued a strong editorial supporting local hero Novak Djokovic and also found more comfort for him by publishing  a heartfelt message of support from the country’s second most famous International sportsman, Manchester United and former Chelsea defensive midfielder Nemanja Matic.

The newspaper staunchly wrote that Novak Djokovic found himself the target of an unusually large number of Western media “out of left field” – after the “Adriagate” fiasco – and the they criticize him for irresponsible behaviour because he organized a tournament in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic,and they could hardly wait to “add on” many other things that they always wanted to go after him for.

Extremely unfair, biased and malicious said “Telegraf”

The campaign against Novak struck directly in the heart another of our sporting greats, Serbia and Manchester United footballer Nemanja Matic, so he, like many other Serbs, stood up for a brother!

They continued “We are carrying Matic’s open letter to the public its entirety, it is worth reading every line”

Premier League Nemanja Matic (Chelsea) Photo Roger Parker International Sports Fotos Ltd


I see that in the last few days, there has been a campaign against Novak Djokovic for organizing a tournament in Belgrade, although according to the laws of the state of Serbia, everything was in order and it was organized at a high level.

Despite that, the mice have come out of their holes giving themselves the right to criticize the world number one, both in terms of tennis, but also in his attitude toward all the people in the world.

However, I’m not worried. Very soon the cat (read, Nole) will be on the court, and the mice back in the hole.

The tournament was great and I hope it will become traditional, because our tennis deserves it.

The only thing I hold against Novak that he apologized to the mice who criticize him for no reason.

No, Nole. They will be apologizing to you – soon.

Greetings to all the people of this world, from Manchester.

Nemanja Matic

So please let us know your opinion here at Grand Slam Tennis. Do “Telegraf “ and Nemanja Matic have a point or was Novak reckless and asking for trouble? We’d love to hear from you.