Following his highly successful cameo commercial TV appearances for British Baker Warburtons  and their New York Bagels which enabled the company to dish out US$20 million in dividends to it’s shareholders and the bumbling actor turning up late on set for a Kia Motors promo for “a trendy version of the Niro” Robert de Niro’s latest “odd couple” role is with Roger Federer promoting Switzerland.

Federer, who owns twenty Grand Slam titles, was recently named as brand ambassador for Switzerland Tourism said “I am a huge fan of his so I couldn’t believe he said yes to the campaign,”

The Hollywood actor with two Oscars to his name agreed to produce a long distance short film set in Zermatt and New York spotlighting Switzerland’s spectacular beauty.

Some of the language from the stereotyped mob villain actor would earn his latest movie an “X” certificate by the film censors and ends with him turning down Federer’s offer and suggesting he tries “Hanks”