Rafa Nadal has broken his silence over quarantine rules after he was criticised by fellow Spaniard Guido Pella last week.

“Some need to make public all they do to try to help others, while some of us do it privately without publishing our calls or making propaganda with it,” Nadal told ESPN.

“We all try to help each other.”

Nadal, who has been isolating in Adelaide and allowed five hours per day and gym work then said players in Melbourne had no reason to be jealous of his situation.

“It is understandable, respectable. Where is the line of privileges? I have a different view,” he said.

“In Adelaide our conditions have been better than most of the conditions in Melbourne, but some Melbourne players have larger rooms where they can perform physical activities, others smaller rooms where they cannot have contact with their coach or physical trainer. Where is the line?

“I have not heard any Melbourne players complain that they have a better room or about those who have been confined without being able to train.

“I have not seen those who complain so much about our conditions in Adelaide say, ‘Why are there not equal conditions, now we will all go without training’.

“You always look up, always complain about a disadvantageous position.”