Former world No. 1 Andy Murray believes there is a “huge opportunity” for British tennis in the wake of Emma Raducanu’s US Open triumph.

“It was incredible what she did there,” Murray said after his first round win over Yannick Madden at the Rennes Open in France.

“I think for a lot of the people involved in British tennis, we knew she was extremely good.

“She hadn’t competed much for the last sort of 18 months or so with school and coronavirus and those sorts of things, but I think at Wimbledon [where Raducanu reached the fourth round] everyone sort of got a bit of a glimpse of how good she could be.”

Emma Raducanu has stayed on in New York to appear on several US TV shows.

Murray said he had spent time around her on the practice court. “Watching what she’s doing, and she’s obviously really, really good,” he said.

“What she did in New York was very special, a huge boost for British tennis and gives hopefully the governing bodies an opportunity to capitalise on that and get more and more kids involved in the sport.

“It’s great what she did and a huge opportunity for British tennis now.”