Former World doubles No.1 Jamie Murray is the latest player to express concerns about travelling to New York for next months US Open.

Murray said the number of COVID-19 cases in the US, plus possible quarantine rules may force him to stay at home.

“From my point of view as a player, you just want stability. Right now we don’t have that. I mean, you cannot even book a flight to New York just now, you have to fly through somewhere else,” he said.

“I think it will potentially come to a head soon with the ATP and US Open, depending on what those restrictions and policies that are in place. I’d imagine the next few weeks would be pretty interesting. The US Open has changed their conditions quite a lot.”

Murray said if a player needed to quarantine when returning from the US Open, it means they would have to miss out on the French Open.

“If the EU is strict with their rules then if you go to play the US Open you cannot play in Madrid or Rome.”

The US Open is set to start in New York on August 31 and several players have already expressed concerns about playing.