Andy Murray is caught in strong currents as he struggle to rehab his dodgy hip more than a year after a second surgery, with the process made even more complicated by the world tennis lockdown due to the COVID-19 virus.

The three-time Grand Slam champion has told Amazon Prime in a documentary that he is fearful of a possible career end if he cannot make it back to 100 per cent medically.

The former No. 1 confessed: “It’s been difficult, the emotional ups and downs of just not knowing what’s going on and then being given potential worst case scenarios and thinking this might be it.  And then you are going into scans thinking, if you get the wrong news from this, that it’s done.”

The 32-year-old last competed in the autumn, winning a surprise title in Antwerp along the way. But his intended kick-start to 2020 had to be put back due to new pelvic issues as a result of his January 2019 surgery.

“When you are not getting better after four or five weeks of rest, you’re being told: ‘This could be what happened, we need to investigate this further,’ Murray said.

“You start obviously thinking the worst and if that’s the case then it’s obviously career-ending.

“I’ve been practising and been have feeling quite well. Practised two, two-and-a-hours some days and it’s been responding well.”

Mentor Tim Henman, who paved the way for the Murray breakthrough as a British icon with four Wimbledon semi-finals in his resume, is keen to see the Scot back in the ATP mix

“I love the fact that he still wants to be out there trying to get back,” Henman told the Glasgow Times. “He’s really in unchartered territory.

“Normally when you have an injury, there are lots of others who have had that same injury but that’s not the case for Andy.

“There’s lots of people who have had new hips but not at the age of 32 and not those who want to get back to playing world-class tennis.

“It’s amazing how well he’s done already. Seeing him on the practice court and seeing how much he’s enjoying himself, I think it’s incredibly impressive, especially considering what he’s achieved in the game already.

“I just hope he can get back to playing on the main tour.”