Australian John Millman is still uncertain he will compete at the US Open, if the event goes ahead in late August.

“If you look to the current environment in America right now … it’s probably not the most conducive conditions,” he told the Sydney Morning Herald.

Millman said he understood the efforts the USTA was making to stage then tournament.

“I understand their predicament. But for me, that timeframe looks a little unlikely,” Millman, who beat Roger Federer in New York in 2018, said.

It’s a decision individual players are going to have to make.

“As a player you have to weigh up whether or not it’s worth getting over there.

I’m sure I’m not the only one thinking that. It’s only normal to have a proper think about the benefits and risk and rewards. “If a decision has to be made mid-June, it doesn’t look great. You can’t just throw in a tournament like this with no preparation.

“From some of the protocols that I’ve seen as to what tennis would look like – and the security and safety measures that go into place – it’s a massive ask.”