Laver Cup Europe captain Björn Borg has nothing but admiration for the rigours which Rafael Nadal puts himself through on court during torturous training sessions.

The Swedish legend who has observed Nadal up close at September’s Laver in London, still cannot believe the 36-year-old’s work ethic.

“With Rafa we used to be training for five hours on the court,” Borg told India Today during last week’s visit to the Chennai Challenger where his 511th-ranked son Leo failed to qualify.

Leo Borg failed to qualify in Chennai challenger by Roger Parker International Sports Fotos Ltd

‘They opened the courts at 6 in the morning because Rafa served for an hour before the real training began,” the icon said, “I’ve never seen a player spend so long on a tennis court.

‘He is one of the greatest in this sport: he has been committed to improving his tennis for a long time.

Borg seems to be less of a fanboy when it comes to the acquired taste that is Novak Djokovic.

“Djokovic is fit and very hungry to keep playing. I think he still has three to five years of great tennis in him.,” the Swede said. “He wants to break all the records in the sport, create new records himself. 

“I think he will win several more Grand Slams, I wish him the best ,” Björn said.

Main photo:- Laver Cup captain Bjorn Borg with Cup and Andry Rublev