Two of the most controversial figures in tennis could form a doubles alliance from hell if NIck Kyrgios has his way.

The Wimbledon finalist who loves nothing better than stirring the pot, somehow feels he can add value to the game of headstrong teenager Holger Rune, whose angry outbursts on court are already notable.

The plan for a nightmare combination could just be Kyrgios dissipating a bit of excess energy as he recovers from a knee procedure which kept him from his home Australian Open.

The 27-year-old might also see Rune as a “mini-me” on the court with his angry attitude and hysterics considered a competitive plus by the Aussie player.

“Holger is a very entertaining guy to watch on court, you can tell he loves this sport and has a great work ethic,” Kyrgios told Danish newspaper BT.

“I get the feeling that he is a person who needs to loosen up a bit, have more fun on court and give free rein to his personality.”

Kyrgios added: “I perceive him as someone very big for this sport 

“I’m convinced that we would have a great time playing doubles together, I am ready so it is only a matter of him telling me when.

“I would like to try this year, maybe I will contact him to formally propose it to him.

In addition to doubles, Kyrgios sounds like he is bidding to coach Rune, currently guided on the Tour by his mother.

“I think I could help him a lot there, I have the feeling that he would do much better in his career if he knew how to relax more and think about some things that are not just tennis.

“He has incredible potential and I think he could win several Grand Slam titles during his career.”