Nick Kyrgios tested a left knee which has not seen action since October, with the Wimbledon finalist taking a 7-5, 6-3 ATP Boss event loss to a Chinese outsider playing his first-career Tour match on grass

The Stuttgart setback for the Australian who underwent a knee procedure in January and has missed a total seven months of tennis, was made worse by his complaints about the blue sponsor towels placed at the player bench.

Early in the opening set, the No, 25 said that he needed standard white towels, which were eventually brought to him.

But the gesture could not stave off his loss to Wu Yibing, ranked 64th and a total grass neophyte.

“It took me three games to get white towels,” he said. “White towels up the sweat better. I’m the same at every tourney. The all have white ones in the locker room

“I’m not asking to move mountains. White towels actually take the sweat off my body – we are professional athletes.”

Kyrgios threw down 15 aces and came to post-match media with his knee in a protective brace.

He said his pain was slight during the 70-minute defeat and will need time and matches to get used to competition again.

‘I have to get used to playing in front of the crowd again. feeling the moments like break points – all that stuff is new to me again.

“I made it through the match with no major pain. “I’ve got a lot more work to do, but I’m taking some positive signs from it.”

Wu is hoping to continue his successful grass start.

This was my first time on the grass in an ATP match,” Wu said. “The last time was Wimbledon juniors six years ago.

“I’m very happy to have played Nick in the first round, he’s one of the best players on grass.

“He aced me so much. The key for me was to stay cool, stay patient and find a way.”