Boris Becker has vowed to clear his name amid allegations he hid more than £1 million in cash along with trophies and medals during recent bankruptcy proceedings.

Becker, 52, was declared bankrupt in June 2017 but is accused of not complying with obligations to disclose information, and failing to hand over trophies so they could allegedly be sold to settle his debts.

He is currently standing trial in London accused of failing to declare assets and financial transfers.

Becker has denies all 28 charges against him. He told Germany’s Bild am Sonntag newspaper that he is “still innocent and have the right to be treated as any other citizen would have been”.

“I believe in the British legal system and its representatives,” he said.

“It goes without saying that I will be co-operative and correct on all points.”

Becker claimed Germany’s newspapers have been against him.

“The English media report relatively dry, soberly,’ he said.

“In Germany, I have the feeling that there is a prejudgement going on here.”

Trophies listed on the indictment include the 1985 Wimbledon men’s singles title.