Andy Murray couldn’t be happier to be back after a torrid start to 2021.

The former world No.1 was unable to travel to Australia in January because he tested positive for COVID-19.

But he is looking forward to Rotterdam this week, saying he feels north physically and mentally ready for the challenge.

“I’m pumped to be back competing again,” he said.

“Physically I feel good, which is the most important thing. Obviously the next most important thing for me is to get matches and to get back to winning again on Tour.”

Murray said the inability to travel to Australia hit him mentally and it had an effect on his game.

“I’d say it was more mental to be honest than physical,” he said.

“It obviously affects your tennis a little bit because it came on the end of a long training block.

“I’d trained really hard for 10 weeks and was feeling really good and then I wasn’t allowed to do anything. I wasn’t allowed out of the house… that obviously affects the physical side, but also the mental side as well.”

Murray will begin in Rotterdam against Dutch veteran Robin Haase.

The pair have met many times with Murray leading 4-1 in hard to head.

“It was 12 years ago when I won here and 13 years ago since I played Robin, so that to me doesn’t have any baring nowadays on the match-up or how you will perform in the tournament or anything. A lot has changed since then.”