Simona Halep has become one of the first players to get the Covid-19 vaccine.

Halep, 29, received the jab at the Cantacuzino Institute in Bucharest yesterday.

“I wanted to get vaccinated. I came with an open mind and I’m fine,” she said.

“I was vaccinated with Pfizer. I’m fine, I haven’t had any side effects now. It’s for everyone’s sake and that’s why I decided to get vaccinated.”

Halep contracted Covid-19 in October last year.

Simona Halep loses to Serena Williams in Melbourne. Photo: Tennis Australia/ JAY TOWN

Vaccine co-ordinator Valeriu Gheorghita gave Halep a bouquet of white roses and purple flowers after she’d had her shot.

“I wanted to thank her for everything she’s done for our country; she’s an important ambassador of Romania worldwide,” and I appreciate her for publicly saying she’d like to get inoculated,” he said.

“It’s important for everyone who gets the vaccine, just by doing it, can persuade other people to get shots…. So we can reach our goal of 70% of people vaccinated.”