Italian player Camila Giorgi has become a treat of trolls after posting racy photos of herself in lingerie on her social media page.

Giorgi, 29, who is set to compete at the Australian Open next month, made the quarter finals at Wimbledon in 2018.

But her ‘sensual’ images have attracted a barrage of criticism, with many asking if she is a porn star or a professional tennis player.

One comment said: ‘Come on! You are gorgeous but do you really need to expose your body in public to boost your confidence?’ 

And another wrote: ‘From a tennis player to a porn actress on a set.’ 

Giorgi posted a series of photographs wearing lingerie on Christmas Eve and then continued the theme on New Year’s Day, with a photo wearing a white corset and matching stockings, captioned: ‘Happy New Year #2021 #NewBeginning.’

Many have questioned the posts, with one asking: “Lovely Camila, does this mean your tennis career is over?”

And Italian journalist Stefano Cagelli wrote in Tennis Fever that she was a good player but hadn’t ‘matured’ with age. 

“Far be it from us to do useless and anachronistic moralisms, everyone is free to do with their life (and therefore their social showcases) what they believe,” he wrote.
“But we would like to use the words that Maria Sharapova said a few days ago to talk about her last months on the courts: “I kept getting noticed, but not for my tennis. Then I realised that it was right to stop”.

“… I begin to wonder if her goal is still to improve her tennis or if she has something else in mind.”

Camila Giorgi in a third round match in Melbourne in 2020. Photo: Anne Parker International Sports Fotos Ltd