Tennis veteran Richard Gasquet has launched a scathing attack on the ATP, claiming the tour has become a ‘catastrophe.’

“The ATP is a catastrophe,” Gasquet told L’Equipe magazine in France.

“They don’t say anything to the players. They are simply overwhelmed [by the coronavirus crisis].

“Nothing is said in Zoom conferences, so I do not attend.

“With the ATP you can do nothing. You open your mouth a little, you say something bad, it’s a $3,000 fine.

“Your coach whispers something, you get punished. It’s unbearable.”

There has been no tennis tour since March because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the handling of the crisis by the ATP has upset Gasquet.

“I can’t even watch Roland Garros anymore. I can’t watch four or five sets of tennis, even for a Federer-Nadal match,” the former world No.7 said.

“We are the only sport where you play more than four hours. There are some things to think about to shorten playing time.”