Wimbledon locals have put up signs around the London suburb warming tennis fans they will not tolerate drugs, drunks or sex parties in local woods.

The signs read: ‘Game, Sex, and Match. NO THANKS! Visiting tennis fans please respect our park and woodland.

The fed-up locals are worried the sex parties are going to fire up in public spots again.

“Anti-social behaviour such as drugs, booze and sex parties will not be tolerated. Police patrol this area regularly and you have been warned,” the signs state.

“Thanks for your consideration. Enjoy the tennis”.

Locals have had a reprieve for two years but have seen it before, with alcohol fuelled fans hitting the streets and behaving badly.

“I’ve seen couples having sex, drugs parties, everything really,” one local told media.

“With so many fans camping in the park it turns into a big party after dark and people just get carried away especially if they’ve been knocking back the Pimm’s all day.

“We’ve put notices up in the past, but they just get ripped down.”