Feliciano Lopez extended the life of his two-decade career by another round on Tuesday as the retiring veteran advanced past his opening match at the ATP Mallorca event.

The 41-year-old who now serves as TD of the Madrid Masters will end his career this week on the home grass of the Mediterranean island. he began by defeating Australian Max Purcell 6-3, 7-5

Mallorcan Rafael Nadal was in the stands supporting his longtime friend along with Carlos  Moyá,  Marc López and Toni  Nadal. Also in the player box was Lopez’s infant son. 

The veteran moved through in 80 minutes: “I always thought that I would be able to retire and that my son would be able to see me play,” he said

“it is very nice because we  have  been  travelling  around  the  world  since  he  was  born.  

“At  the  beginning  he didn’t know anything but in the last year he has seen me play in Mexico, Barcelona, now in Mallorca. It is very special for me.”

Lopez was also thrilled to have some of his old tennis looking on.

“I  was  lucky  that  Rafa,  Marc  and  many  tennis  friends  came  today. It’s been many years of career.

“I have left a good legacy in terms of friends, I feel loved and appreciated by my teammates and that’s what I was always looking for.” 

Main photo:- Feliciano Lopez won Queens in 2019