Roger Federer has hinted he is near to retirement, admitting in an interview to a Dutch newspaper he is enjoying ti e with his four children.

Federer, who has been off the court for a year due to knee injury, said he was loving family duties.

“I can honestly say that I am very happy at home,” Federer told Algemeen Dagblad.

“At times we (family) miss travelling, and of course I also miss the sport, but life at home is also good.

“The tennis itinerary was sometimes excessive, especially with having to organise that for the children too.

“It’s nice to have a break from that now, and for them too, although they miss the travelling.”

Federer has undergone three surgeries on his knee and is planning to return to play in the Laver Cup in September.

“Tennis is part of, but not my entire identity. I want to be and remain successful, but that can also be done outside of sports,’ he said.

“I know a professional career can’t last forever and that’s OK.”