Laver Cup founder Roger Federer has dropped a strong hint that he dreams of someday returning to the Europe v World competition as captain of the European side.

“There’s something in me that’s Team Europe. I’m happy if (defending champion) World wins, don’t get me wrong — but somehow, I can feel it deep inside, I want Europe to win.

“I like being in the tennis sphere,” he added> “Maybe one day, I’ll be the Captain of the team. 

“There’s no plans as of now, but I think that could be quite nice.”

The 42-year-old Swiss is a year removed from his last match as a player, when he and longtime rival Rafael Nadal lost a doubles ties at the event in London; that outcome triggerd a tearful end to the icon’s world-=beating career.

Now, as an ex-player, the 20-time Grand Slam champion emains fully involved with sponsors and is onsite in Vanvouver for this weekend’s Laver edition as an honoured guest.

The player whose career was ultimately ended by a knee injury, unveiled his hopes for the future regarding the competition.

“All of the last editions have been sold out, they’ve all been so much fun,” he said.

“What’s been, for me really important, is that the players go away with loads of information in their backpacks and they can apply it in their day-to-day practice, their day-to-day life on a tennis court.

“We want to leave the game better off and hopefully, in a small way, we can do that and shine a light on the former greats (including inspiration Rod Laver, Federer’s tennis idol.).”