Roger Federer has confirmed he is still looking forward to returning to competitive tennis at The Australian Open in January but says his recovery from surgery is a “long process”.

“I am doing well, my family is good. It’s a long process, it’s not day by day but more week by week progress,” he told Schweizer Illustrierte.

“I practiced a bit last week. Next year the beginning of January will be back on the court.

Federer said he was enjoying family Tim e but admitted it was strange.

Roger Federer poses with thew Australian Open winners’ trophy in 2018. Photo: Roger Parker International Sports Fotos

“The last time I stayed home over 6 weeks is at age 16,” he said.

“Being at home is more relaxing, not just for me but for my children.

“No match stress. Enjoy going for a hike, kids are doing home school anyway”.