Tennis Australia has risked angering fans after ordering a spectator to remove a shirt that featured a message in support of Peng Shuai.

Footage emerged on Sunday of over zealous security and police telling a spectator to remove her shirt, which featured an image of Peng on the front and the message “Where Is Peng Shuai?” on the back.

The video ended with police saying that Tennis Australia was permitted to confiscate any paraphernalia that referenced Peng.

The video has already gone viral after being initially being posted on TikTok.

Tennis Australia has since stated that it feared for Peng’s safety but that fans were not permitted to make political statements with their clothing at the Australian Open.

“Under our ticket conditions of entry we don’t allow clothing, banners or signs that are commercial or political,” a Tennis Australia spokesperson said.

“Peng Shuai’s safety is our primary concern. We continue to work with the WTA and global tennis community to seek more clarity on her situation and will do everything we can to ensure her wellbeing.”