Following confirmation today that Novak Djokovic has tested positive for corona virus after pushing ahead with his own ill-advised Adria Tour, with scant regard to the precautions especially social distancing, the rest of the World was observing, he has come under fire from some of the ATP players he represents.

“Novak Djokovic is accountable for COVID-19 cases after Adria Tour, top players are claiming.

The world number one Djokovic came under fire  as the situation worsened even before the new cases were reported. Earlier this month, he was seen on social media dancing and partying whilst the global pandemic was happening all around dEurope, and most of the World.whilst claiming the Adria Tour was  compliant with latest Serbian Government protocols.

It had been widely reported that players had voiced their concerns regarding how he had handled the developing situation.

The third of the four leg which was due in Montenegro on June 27 and 28 was scrapped during the Belgrade event amid coronavirus concerns voiced by the Montenegrin government, and it is almost certain that the final leg scheduled for Bosnia’s city Banja Luka on July 3 and 4 will be cancelled,

Several top stars have already announced that they have the coronavirus, including Grigor Dimitrov, Borna Coric and most recently Viktor Troicki, and also infected  are Djokovic’s fitness coach Marco Panichi and Dimitrov’s coach Christian Groh.

Britain’s number one Dan Evans said it was irresponsible. “I just think it’s a poor example to set,”

Dan Evans (GBR) says Djokovic was irresponsible Photo Roger Parker International Sports Fotos Ltd

“Put it this way, I don’t think you should be having a players’ party and then dancing all over each other,” Evans added.

“He should feel some responsibility in his event and how it’s transpired,” Evans emphasized

Andy Murray, a multiple Grand Slam Winner also added his own input about the situation.

“Once you start having mass gatherings with people coming in from all sorts of countries, it’s a recipe for it to kick off,”  Murray said.

So it’s kind of a lesson for all of us – if we weren’t already – to take this extremely seriously, and to have as many safety measures in place as possible,” he added

Even Djokovic’s brother and Adria Tour director Djordie admitted   on State TV today that “This was the worst possible scenario,”

Djokovic’s fellow ATP Player Council  member Bruno Soares,  said that “it was a careless display on the organizer’s part. I sum it up as a horror show,” he  said.

Bruno Soares Photo Roger Parker International Sports Fotos Ltd

Enormous irresponsibility and huge immaturity. They were totally careless, and it’s difficult for me to find the words,” Soares added.

With everything that is happening, the tennis community is looking to ensure that protocol is followed and will remain safe with the global pandemic currently wreaking havoc across the world.

With the delicately balanced return of the professional tour due on 1 August  it is feared that any further reported cases within the tennis community could endanger the ATP and WTA’s plans.