A federal court in Australia is considering whether Novak Djokovic’s new visa appeal should be heard by a lone judge or full bench.

Djokovic did not appear at a procedural hearing of the Federal Court in Melbourne today but could do so at a further hearing tomorrow.

It id believed Djokovic, 34, met with immigration officials at an undisclosed location in Melbourne early today before being again detained.

Immigration Minister Alex Hawke used his discretionary powers to cancel the world No.1’s visa late yesterday.

A blacked out vehicle, believed to be carrying Novak Djokovic, arrives at his lawyer’s premises in Melbourne.

Justice David O’Callaghan confirmed the case had been transferred from the Federal Circuit Court and that documents would be transferred today.

In Friday night’s hearing, Djokovic’s lawyer Nick Wood claimed the minister’s decision was based on concerns Djokovic would “excite anti-vax sentiments” if allowed to remain in Australia and play in the Australian Open.

The hearing is scheduled to go ahead tomorrow from 9.30am Melbourne time.