Novak Djokovic faces a sponsor backlash after his deportation from Australia, with doubts he will be able compete at the French or US Open this year.

Djokovic made $US30 million in sponsorship deals in 2021 according to Forbes, but marketing experts have predicted many brands will distance themselves from him over his anti-vaxx stand.

“What’s your value to Lacoste or Peugeot if you won’t play Roland Garros?” Sports Illustrated editor Jon Wertheim wrote on Twitter yesterday.

French company Lacoste currently has a $US9 million contract with the player.

“As soon as possible, we will be in touch with Novak Djokovic to review the events that have accompanied his presence in Australia,” Lacoste said in a statement.

“We wish everyone an excellent tournament and thank the organisers for all their efforts to ensure that the tournament is held in good conditions for players, staff and spectators.”