Despite initial concerns that due to Djokovic’s vaccination stance, he would miss the Rome Masters held this May, Italian minister Valentina Vezzali has suggested that he will be allowed to play.

Vezzali explained, “If [Novak] Djokovic wants to come and play in Rome he can do it,

“[Tennis is] an outdoor sport and the tighter green pass is not required.

“Perhaps Djokovic will most likely not be allowed in a hotel or a restaurant, but if he wants to play he can play.”

The minister also suggested that she expected the Covid-19 vaccine mandate to no longer be in effect by the time of the tournament.

This news comes after an eventful time for Djokovic, and his Australian Open drama. With each of the major tournaments deciding whether to allow unvaccinated players or not.

There is still some doubt of his French Open attendance, meaning he may lose the chance to defend another grand slam title because of his choices. Though he has said it’s a price he’s willing to pay, and seems unlikely to budge on the issue.

In Rome Djokovic was runner up to Nadal last year, and is a five time winner at the Italian Open.