John McEnroe has slammed the US Open for not coming to the aid of anti-vaxx Novak Djokovic after the Serb finally withdrew on Thursday from the Grand Slam.

With US laws barring unvaxxed foreigners from crossing the border and the USTA declining to get involved in what would have been a political bun-fight, the late pullout was just a matter of time.

But the whole scenario does not sit well with mouthy Mac:

“It’s stupid that they don’t let him play,” McEnroe told Spain’s MARCA . “It’s the closest thing to a joke. 

“I would have been vaccinated, but we have been living with the pandemic for two and a half years.

“I consider it a joke that they won’t allow (Djokovic) to participate.”

The TV commentator said rival Rafael Nadal could benefit the most from a missing Djokovic.

“When Djokovic is not there, the great beneficiary is Nadal. He (Nadal)  produced a miraculous victory at the Australian Open with (Djokovic) the favourite having won nine titles.

McEnroe then went out on a limb: “Djokovic can reach 25 majors, but in addition to the tennis part you have to add the mental aspect.

“It’s not easy to train without knowing when or what you will be able to play on your planned schedule. 

“It took him four months to get his head back after everything that happened to him in Australia in January (detained for five days and deported for trying to tner without the required COVD jabs)”,