Novak Djokovic got cross with disruptive fans after completing Serbia’s trip to the Davis Cup semi-finals at the expense of opponent Britain.

The Serbs earned a crushing 2-1 trip to the weekend final four in Malaga, never facing a break point in three rubbers.

But world No. 1 Djokovic lost his temper momentarily as drum-beating Brits tried to make sure his post-match interview was not able to be heard.

 “There was disrespect (during the entire match) but it’s something I have to be prepared for in the Davis Cup,” the recent ATP Finals champion in Turin said.

“It’s normal that fans step over the line and in the heat of the moment you react too and in a way show that you don’t allow this kind of behaviour.

“They can do whatever they want but I’m going to respond to that.”

Djokovic specifically called out the rowdiest of the public.

“I was trying to talk and they purposely started to play the drums, to not let me talk.

“They were trying to annoy me the entire match, so we had a little bit of a chat in the end.”