Novak Djokovic is counting on behind-the-scenes negotiations from his lawyers to pave his way back to Australia.

The former No. 1 banned from the island-continent for three years after being deported last January for trying to enter without his COVID jabs, theoretically cannot apply for a visa until 2025.

With the entry deadline for January’s Australian Open fast approaching, Djokovic has his people working flat-out to try and negotiate his way over the border.

He told Serb outlet Sportal: “I really want to go there, I’m over what happened this year and I just want to play tennis, it’s what I do best.

Australia has always been the place where I have played my best tennis (nine Melbourne titles), the results speak for themselves so I am always highly motivated to go there. This time even more.”

He added: “From the (no-vaxx) decisions I made, I knew there would be certain consequences like not going to the United States, and that’s it.

“For Australia it was a different case, I had the (medical) exception, but in the end it didn’t work.

“We know what happened, let’s not back down. This time I am waiting for permission again.”

While jabs and masks are no longer required for entry to Australia, the ban on Djokovic can only be lifted by the immigration minister. 

“I have that ban, I hope it will be lifted,” Djokovic said. “It’s not in my hands, I’m trusting people in the Australian government to give a positive answer, that’s all.”