Novak Djokovic admits he’s running low on tennis enthusiasm as the deflated No.1 struggles through one of the worst seasons of his career.

Five months into the 2024 campaign, the 24-time Grand Slam champion owns exactly zero titles with the Roland Garros start barely a week away,

To add injury to insult, the Serb who turns 37 next month, has been undergoing medical scans after being banged on the head by a fan’s water bottle as he signed autographs last week in Rome.

Djokovic confessed in the podcast of the currently inactive Nick Kyrgios that he’s just not feeling it on court,with no quick solution to hand after failing to even reach a final in the five events he has played this dismal season.

“The little Novak, the four-year-old Novak, who started playing tennis in Kopaonik in Serbia, is still inside and still in love with the sport and is still so hungry for more,” Djokovic told the Australian who has played only one match in the past 18 months with no timetable for a possible return to action. .

“But at the same time, there’s probably this more mature Novak, father and a husband, that is, ‘Come on, man. There are other things in life as well.’”

Djokovic said he is falling victim to the instinct to stay with his wife and two children instead of slaying it on court.

“Part of me always wants to keep going, I don’t have an expiration date.”

“I’m lucky to have my life but, some mornings, I’m unmotivated and less inspired to travel, to playing when I want to be at home and have a normal life.”

Main photo:- Nick Kyrgios lost to Novak Djokovic in Wimbledon Final – by Roger Parker International Sports Fotos Ltd