Novak Djokovic has vowed to show the truth to the knockers who say his hamstring injury at the Australian Open was a beat-up.

The Serb won his 10th Melbourne title last month while carrying what his camp insisted was the problem throughout.

The doubts have not subsided over the past three weeks, so the world No. 1 Serb says he’s ready to clear it all up. 

“I know everything, but I can’t tell you anything, sorry. I decided to have a press conference.

“I will answer all questions there. I have already arranged with my PR team, the invitation will arrive in a few days,” Djokovic told Australia’s Sportal.

The 35-year-old’s net event should be the ATP 500 starting in a week in Dubai.

Just-retired player Gilles Simon – he lost 11 of 12 matches he played against Djoko – has been an especially harsh critic.

The Frenchman told Serbia’s Alo! newspaper: “He’s always being interrogated, and it annoys him.

“Some will defend him no matter what. Others will attack him. Federer too. They’re so big they’re dealing with these things.”

Djokovic is particularly touchy about his body, fitness and well-being. he is currently banned from competing in North America due to his anti-vaxx refusal to take the COVID jabs.

Main photo:- Australian Open 2023 Novak Djokovic celebrates as he wins Men’s singles final by Roger Parker International Sports Fotos Ltd